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Product Groups > {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-END}
{IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-END} Updated: 06/24/2013

This QuickCode Tag is used in conjunction with {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-BEGIN} to display information when there are one or more Product Groups present.

If the {ELSE} QuickCode Tag is used between {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-BEGIN} and {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-END}, then:

Content between {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-BEGIN} and {ELSE} will be displayed only if there are groups present.
Content between {ELSE} and {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-END} will be displayed if there are no groups present.

Requirements / Prerequisites

Must be used in conjuction with the {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-END} QuickCode Tag.

The {ELSE} QuickCode Tag may optionally be used between {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-BEGIN} and {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-END}.

Example of Use

Using this tag, and the assistance of the {ELSE} tag, it would be possible to change what is displayed for the product price on the index.php page, if the displayed product is in a Product Group.

Regularly, the Price is displayed using the following tags:

If the price is reduced (due to events, sale price, etc.) the original price and the reduced price will be displayed. Otherwise, the product will be displayed as normal. Using the {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-BEGIN}/END tags, we can add another situation where the price will display differently.

Displayed product is in a Product Group:
Price: Varies by product variation

Displayed product has a reduced price:
Price: $5.99 $2.10

Displayed product is not in a group, and doesn't have a reduced price:
Price: $5.99

Source Code Source Code Updated:
When a web page using a template that contains this QuickCode Tag is viewed in the storefront, the {IF-PRODUCT-GROUP-END} QuickCode Tag is changed into the source code below prior to the web page being displayed.
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