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The {IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-END} QuickCode Tag may be used with the {IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-BEGIN} QuickCode Tag to create a block of content that will only be shown if a certain product field has a public description assigned to it.

{IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-BEGIN} and {IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-END} are used between {PRODUCT-FIELD-BLOCK-BEGIN} and {PRODUCT-FIELD-BLOCK-END} so that public descriptions are shown for any product fields that have a public description, without leaving blank spaces or other formatting flaws for product fields that do not have a public description. {PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION} is placed between {IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-BEGIN} and {IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-END}, which in turn are placed between {PRODUCT-FIELD-BLOCK-BEGIN} and {PRODUCT-FIELD-BLOCK-END}.

Assigning a public description to a product field is as simple as typing the description text into the Public Description option in the Product Field Editor, and then clicking the Save Changes to this Product Field button.

Once the product field has been created and configured, including any desired public description, the product field may be assigned to one or more products. Assigning a product field to a product allows the product field to capture input relevant to that product when the product is included in an order. To assign a product field to a product, in the Product Fields section of the Product Editor:

  1. Click the Assign Fields to this product link
  2. Search for the product field in the Search Product Fields popup window
  3. Click the Select button next to the desired product field in the Search Results section
  4. Close the Search Product Fields popup window
  5. Click the blue Save Changes button at the bottom of the Product Editor page
Requirements / Prerequisites

The {IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-BEGIN} QuickCode Tag must be used in combination with the {IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-END} QuickCode Tag.


Example of Use

1. Assign the public description "This is a public description" to product field SID 2:


2. Do not assign a public description to product field SID 4.

3. Assign product field SID 2 and product field SID 4 to product SID 123:


4. Add the following to the product template (product.tpl):

5. Product SID 123's storefront product detail page will display the following:

Field SID 2
This is a public description.


Source Code Source Code Updated:
When a web page using a template that contains this QuickCode Tag is viewed in the storefront, the {IF-PRODUCT-FIELD-DESCRIPTION-END} QuickCode Tag is changed into the source code below prior to the web page being displayed.
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