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{PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS} Updated: 07/12/2013

The {PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS} QuickCode Tag may be used to display that amount that is saved by a product's current price in comparison to the product's MSRP value.

If the product's current price is the same or greater than the product's MSRP value, {PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS} will not display anything.

{PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS} is typically placed between {IF-PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS-BEGIN} and {IF-PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS-END, so that formatting and references to the MSRP savings are completely hidden if the product's current price does not offer any savings over the suggested list price.

Additionally, {PRODUCT-MSRP} is often used to display the product's MSRP value alongside the amount that would be saved by the current price.

Requirements / Prerequisites

{PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS} is compatible with the product template (product.tpl), the upsell template (upsell.tpl), and the downsell template (downsell.tpl). {PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS} may also be used in other HTML templates, as long as it is placed within one of the following QuickCode Blocks:

Example of Use

1. In the Product Editor for product SID 123, enter the Price as $100.00Sale Price as $79.99MSRP as $125.00, and Price Suffix as annually:


2. Add the following to the product template (product.tpl):

<strong>Price:</strong> {PRODUCT-PRICE} {PRODUCT-PRICE-SUFFIX}
<strong>Suggested Price:</strong> {PRODUCT-MSRP}<br />

3. The storefront product page for product SID 123 will display the following:

Price: $79.00 annually

Suggested Price: $125.00
You Save: $45.01 annually

Source Code Source Code Updated:
When a web page using a template that contains this QuickCode Tag is viewed in the storefront, the {PRODUCT-MSRP-SAVINGS} QuickCode Tag is changed into the source code below prior to the web page being displayed.
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