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Universal > {POWERED-BY-MM}
{POWERED-BY-MM} Updated: 06/24/2013

This QuickCode Tag will display a message linked to

Requirements / Prerequisites

As per the Modular Merchant Terms of Service, removal of the "powered by Modular Merchant" link is not possible. However, it is possible to relocate and style the link, as long as it remains human-readable and doesn't utilize "black hat" SEO tactics (such as making it the same color as the page background, making it hidden to all site visitors except Google's search engine spider, etc.)

The "powered by Modular Merchant" link is required, but it may also be directly beneficial to each store. The link functions as a referral link, and if someone clicks the link from your storefront, and then activates an account with Modular Merchant, your store will earn a credit. More information about the "powered by Modular Merchant" link and the referral program is available in the following Knowledge Base article:

Earn rewards with the Powered by Modular Merchant link

Excerpt from Modular Merchant's Terms of Service:

Modular Merchant reserves the right, at its discretion, to append content to any webpage using the Services, including, but not limited to, a text and/or image hyperlink stating "Powered by Modular Merchant Shopping Cart", linking to a website managed by Modular Merchant. Client may replace this automated link with one of their own link by adding the following HTML code in a conspicuous location on the webpage:

<a href="" target="_blank">Powered by Modular Merchant Shopping Cart Software</a>

If the hyperlink is not found, Modular Merchant reserves the right to place the hyperlink on the webpage without notice.
Example of Use


eCommerce powered by Modular Merchant shopping cart software.

Source Code Source Code Updated:
When a web page using a template that contains this QuickCode Tag is viewed in the storefront, the {POWERED-BY-MM} QuickCode Tag is changed into the source code below prior to the web page being displayed.
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